About us

We are a young couple now living in our newly built house in Samford Valley. This blog followed our build with Coral Homes, and now continues on as we find our way through decorating, landscaping, and making this place a home.

We were lucky enough to become the owners of a beautiful, rough edged acreage in the Samford Valley in 2010. It was a difficult time in our lives and the land brought us a lot of joy and hope for the future.

In late 2011 we were finally at a point where we had chosen a builder and started getting serious. It took until June 2012 to finally get started at our building site. In October 2012 we finally moved in!

Though Samford is further away from the city than most people would like, we already agree that the lifestyle we are enjoying here more than makes up for the distance from the city.

Lauren has been following other building blogs since we first purchased our block. We really enjoyed being able to follow the progress of other builds and learn about what we might be in for. Hopefully our little blog will give our friends and family an opportunity to see the progress our newly built house goes through, while also sharing our experience for others who might be interested in building a home.

We hope you will enjoy reading our blog!

Daniel and Lauren.