Floor Plan

For more information about our thoughts on the layout of the house, see Lauren's blog post about Floor Plans.

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Marcoola 30

Our home is based on the Marcoola 30 design from Coral Homes.  Here is a snapshot from their brochure so you can get an idea of how we've changed it from the original design.

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Front Elevation

Here is a mockup of the front elevation with the colours and surrounding landscape.

Electrical Plans

Here are our electrical plans.  I spent a lot of time walking through this house in my mind and went through several revisions of this.

The idea to recess these was dropped because of a change in the mounting boxes we are now using.
The cable plates are different than pictured too.

Looks like a lot, but I swear the display homes had double this many lights.

More power!

TV Points.  Some people say don't bother with them, some say get a whole lot of them!
Went with the second choice.

Turns out we are only budgeted for one point.
That's fine we can patch the phone through the data network.
Oh and yeah, there is a telstra thing attached to the side of the house :(

Cat-6 Ethernet Data Network. (Let's call it phase 1)


  1. Hi - what's the approximate costs for downlights etc - I like the look of the electrical plan but trying to get a view on what coral charges. We are looking at the 32sq marcoola

    1. Hi Jaypee.

      We actually purchased all of the light fittings ourselves and then had the Coral electrician install them.

      We purchased Neptune Round Downlights from beacon Lighting directly. They are usually $19.95 each, but they often go on sale if you watch closely. They don't come with light bulbs (nor do the majority of them actually). We purposely chose this type of downlight because they take both standard light bulbs as well as led, so there's the cheaper option of just buying standard bulbs.

      The electrician cost came to $42 per light point to install them (plus the cost of the light bulb and the downlight from Beacon), including wiring and any number of switches (excluding two way switches etc). So roughly each individual downlight including installation was about $65.

      Also, keep in mind, if you do the electricals through Clipsal Clipspec, the light battens were about $75 (without an actual light fixture put in, this is just for a batten that you can attach a bulb to and nothing else). We also found that the majority of things we wanted weren't even available when we met with Clipsal, they seemed to mainly have the quite expensive downlights at the time, and not many to choose from. So by this system, we found it was actually cheaper to get an owner supplied light installed by Coral's electrician, since it came to only about $65 all up including the light and the installation. Whereas if we paid the $75 just for a light batten, we would have still then had to go and buy light fittings, and would have had to pay to install them later. I'm not sure if this is still the case, but it was at the time we did this.

      Hope that helps.

    2. Thanks for the information - was the data layout, low voltage cable etc etc the same or did they install some of this for you?


    3. For data I very specifically wanted Cat 6 Ethernet. Clipsal could only quote for Cat 5, and the electrician (after not getting back to me for 3 months) came back with a quote for Cat 5e too.
      In the end the company that subcontracted for Telstra to install our phone line did the data. Honestly I think some of our data points don't work at all I really should get around to testing them :/

    4. Was cat 6 due to NBN or you prefer cable to wireless?

      We are building the 32 sq model and I was going to get a wireless Acess Point installed at the front and back of house

    5. We actually live in an area that will probably never have NBN. But we do prefer cable to wireless, particularly for speed. Cat 6 is more 'future proof'. It was more important to Daniel than it was to me, but I'm so glad we have it now. It's a much faster connection, but we still have the option of wireless using the router anyway.