Friday, March 30, 2012

Floor Plans

Daniel and I seem to be able to stare at our floor plan for hours. I am absolutely in love with it. I love trying to imagine what it will look like in person. I'm constantly on Pinterest looking for ideas on how to decorate and planning different areas of the house. (Pinterest is one of my other obsessions in addition to the house).

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We have added a bay window to the master bedroom, something I've always wanted! Growing up, my parents had a bay window in their room and I loved it. Our puppy loved sleeping on the bay window seat and being able to look out and growl at the birds in the garden. Theirs had an amazing little garden underneath the windowsill. I really hope my Mum will help us to make gardens as beautiful as hers were! My parents now live on a boat, so hopefully Mum might enjoy directing some gardening escapades.

I'm also excited about the fact that our bathroom window is situated very close to our gully. When it rains heavily, you can hear the water rushing through the gully for days/weeks afterward. I can just imagine having a bath and being able to listen to those sounds. It should be amazing!

The original plans had the office at the front which didn't suit us. We instead converted that to a small store room. I envisage the store room as a place with hooks and shelves where we can put bags, shoes and coats. However, Daniel is planning a Comms Cabinet, where there will be an Ethernet patch panel. I don't even know what that means! Anyway...

We really love the open feel of the kitchen, dining and family area. I'm currently obsessing over kitchen colours. We have already picked out three pendant lights that will hang over the island in the kitchen. Just what I have always wanted! It's hard to see on the plans, but there is also a cut out between the family and activity room where we will install plantation shutters at some point.

The study and media is pretty much the main thing that we needed in any house we chose. Eventually we will have some type of folding door installed, turning the space into two separate areas when the door is closed. I'm imagining some kind of amazing print on the back of the folding door which only becomes apparent when it is closed. Initially we won't have the door and it will just be one open space. Coral didn't offer the exact type of doors we were looking for. It seemed easier to just get them to put a square set in the spot where we want a door and get it installed later.

Pretty big house for two people! I guess we are just preparing for the house we will need in the future.


  1. The floor plan is great, and I love the idea of a Mud Room at the front for shoes and coats etc. Don't let your Husband take it over completely with all that funky electrical stuff!!!!


    1. Thanks! I think the store room size will work perfectly as a small mud room. Plus we can hide it all away instead of having muddy gumboots sitting at the front door.

  2. I just need one little shelf up the back :P

  3. Your plans are awesome and reading your post is like looking into my own head! I LOVE bay windows and am super jealous of yours and your store cupboard. I had originally envisioned our room under the stairs as being a cloak room and, of course, Mick has turned it into his comms room! All the data cabling will terminate there and it will have a server rack (or something) and some other stuff I forget...(I've hassled him to do a post on it).

    My Mum is also an amazing gardener and she has already helped us a lot with the landscaping plan (though our block is somewhat tinnier than yours!)

    We're having bi-fold doors installed to separate the Media Room from the rest of the house (they won't be fancy and I'm hoping to replace them and ALL the doors one day).

    I love your activities room and the cutout idea with shutters. I also dream about finishing our house and I think I need to look into this pinterest thing...everyone seems to love it....

    Anyway, I'm excited to share your journey and to see that great minds think alike!