Monday, March 26, 2012

Going back with our tails between our legs, but grins on our faces...

With the relaxed feeling of a holiday under our belts and another week away from work, we went back to Coral Homes armed with plenty of research and ideas about what we would like to do. 

We spent days doing nothing but scouring over the single story designs that Coral had on offer. Something had us coming back to the Marcoola every time. Even Julia our sales consultant suggested the Marcoola without us mentioning our interest. It was the right house for the block, and still had everything we had originally liked about the two story design. 

Having already gone through the process of getting soil tests and assessments done, we were further ahead in the process this time around. So Coral were able to use a lot of the same details to take us through to the next step with the Marcoola. 

What we have ended up with is a slightly modified Marcoola 30. It's going to be a beautiful 4 bedroom home. There will be a bay window to the main bedroom at the front, something we have always wanted! Our media room will have a divider so that it becomes an office and media room in one. The idea being that Daniel will be able to use the computer (for work and other such purposes) while still feeling like he is part of the action in the media room. Then we can close the door if it needs to be separated. This has always been our setup in the places we have lived, so it's been very important for us to be able to have the office able to open up into the media room. 

I think the main thing we love about the design is how open it feels. It has all of the little nooks and specific rooms that we want, while the rest feels very open. Although it's a modern house, we have managed to get some of the feel we would have wanted in a colonial home. We still have some weatherboard features, a bay window, a tin roof (Colorbond), nice bricks and a simple design. 

Here's a mock up Daniel made. Cute huh? Let's hope our real house is just as cute as this cartoon one!
The last few months have been very busy. It feels like we have spent the majority of our weekends either at the Coral Display at Northlakes signing paperwork, at the block, or off looking at things for the house.

Here's a bit of a timeline:
May 2010 Signed contract on block
July 2010 Bought the block
September 2010 Put apartment up for sale
May 2011 Sold Apartment and moved into a rental
August 2011 Requested tender from Coral for Barbados (Two story)
November 2011 Requested a new tender for the Marcoola (Single story)
January 2012 Received our new tender for the Marcoola
February 25 2012 Signed the contract for our new house
March 2012 Council application lodged

We have selected our bricks and tiles and we are all set to go to our two colour section meetings in April. 

Hopefully everything will go to plan from here onward! We have been hoping for that all along, but seem to have still stumbled across a lot of issues, so fingers crossed. It now feels so close! It's been suggested by our Sales Consultant that we could be in our new home by August this year. I'm thinking more like September though considering how long it has taken to get the contract sorted. 

I don't really mind if anyone reads this blog. For the most part, I'm hoping this will be a good way to record the progress of our house being built, but I also hope it will be interesting for those who are, well, interested. 


  1. Hi Lauren, I just found your blog through M's blog and your comment. We are looking forward to hearing about your build.

    Cam and I are over half way through our build in Melbourne with Metricon and we have a fairly big blog. feel free to head over and have a look around and also ask any questions.

  2. Hi Kirsten (and Cam). Thanks for the support! I'm shocked that someone found this blog already hehe. Looking forward to having a good read of your blog when I get a chance. Probably won't be much to report on for a while from our end, though I'm hopeful that things will start surging ahead soon enough.

  3. Hi Lauren! Julia is fantastic! We spent a bit of time with her after our initial (slow as a wet year) salesperson left the company. Next time we build, we'll be going straight to her!

    As you've seen on my blog, once you hit the construction phase, it is full steam ahead!! It's always nice to see someone blogging about building in the Brisbane area, as there aren't too many (that I've found). I look forward to following your progress!