Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little update

Well we had our final selections meeting at Robina yesterday afternoon. We were at Robina Town Centre picking up some lunch just prior to our meeting. So we were very shocked to hear about the shooting that occurred there. Very glad we had left before that happened!

The final selections meeting consisted mostly of filling out paperwork since we had already made the majority of decisions at the previous meeting. We made a few minor changes including changing the colour of the down pipes to match the brick. We are also getting frosted glass in the front door, and double mirrors on all of the wardrobes in the spare bedrooms. Very happy with those changes, and so glad we asked about the mirrors in the bedrooms. It should be around $25 per mirrored door, at that price it's much better than buying individual free standing mirrors later.

We are also signing up to a new service offered by Clipsal, where we will sit down and do our electrical plan and get a fairly accurate quote. We have been trying to get a quote from the electrician for the past month, so this will be very helpful!

We are still waiting on Council. We've had to provide additional information about our bushfire management plan and our external colours. We are still extremely nervous about this part of the process. Fingers crossed everything goes through smoothly.

Also, Daniel has been updating the land page with a few things that have happened with the block, for those who are interested.

(PS: Hi Shamus!)

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