Monday, May 28, 2012


We are still patiently awaiting a start date for our build. It took about a week for our council approval to 'officially' arrive by mail both to our home and to our builder, so I guess we should only really be counting from then, not from when we found out online. In the meantime we have signed off on a few last issues including moving a downpipe and getting a bigger manhole. The biggest issue was finding out that we need a third 22,500 litre water tank for our property. So we will be having 45,000L just for the house, and 22,500L just for fire fighting purposes. That's a lot of water! Not to mention extra costs which were not budgeted for and not included in the mortgage. We've also finalised everything with our bank, and our mortgage has been refinanced as a building loan. Anyway, we signed off on all of the variations (including the wall, YAY) today and as far as I know all that's left to do is wait. About a week ago we received a letter stating we would be given a commencement date within 20 days.

So....hopefully soon right?


  1. Definitely soon! We got our start date the day Coral received our council approval at their office and then site cut was 16 days from that day. It will be here before you know it!

  2. Thank you Em! We ended up getting our start date today. Woot!