Friday, June 29, 2012

Ace on the House

Since there's nothing to report on the build this week I thought I'll take this downtime to let you in on a little show I've been listening to.

It's a podcast show for home improvement, DIY, and all that sort of stuff.  It's called On The House and it's hosted by Adam "the funniest carpenter since Jesus" Carolla.  

I've been listening for a couple weeks now, and I've learnt a lot!  

It's very inspirational and motivating to get working on your own home projects, and I've learnt a lot about tools, and the lingo used in the building industry.  Not to mention a few tips on home building I wish I'd got to consider before building.

I'm already planning a retaining wall I want to build, and I fixed Lauren's laptop hinges.  I just feel more confident to be 'handy' listening to this stuff.

Anyway listen to the show on this website or look it up on iTunes.  It's free.  I usually just stick my headphones on at work and listen to a show or two throughout the day, they're about an hour each.

I found out about it because I listen to Penn's Sunday School which is part of Adam Carolla's ACE Broadcasting Network, and Adam and Penn were on The Celebrity Apprentice together.  Trump fired them both.

Adam is hilariously offensive too, so it's win-win really.

Get it on!

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