Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week 4 wrap up

It's hard to believe it has been 4 weeks since our start date.  We had a solid first week, but then a couple weeks where not much happened.  This week we've seen the slab preparation, and today I went out and got to see the concreters putting the final touches on the slab.  It was very muddy and difficult to walk around, but the guys out there seemed to be in good spirits and quite positive about the cool wet weather and said that it would cure the slab nicely.

Plumbing in preparation for slab.
Styrofoam pods for the waffle raft slab.
The waffle grid put into place.
Concreters working on the slab.

Expecting to see more action this week with the framers coming out!


  1. YAY! Photo number 4 people, this is where it's at! Woo!

  2. OOOoh look at that slab!! It's massive!!! How exciting!

    1. Haha I thought it looked little. Haven't actually seen it in person yet though, by the time I get home from work it's already dark-so I don't get to see it until Friday.

  3. Oh, yay! Glad they got out there yesterday. High five for a slab!!! Mx

  4. Hooray for slab! We've got another Coral house just started a few blocks away from us and their slab went down last week and the same chippies who did our house were there this morning in the rain working away on the frame when we dropped in to meet the painter. Fingers crossed your chippies are just as keen!

    1. We got a letter from Coral claiming an 8 day delay last week including the weekend. Strange because:
      - They were working in the rain last week according to your anecdote
      - It only rained for 3 weekdays that I'm aware of, and seems to be corroborated by weather data
      - The rain didn't start until two days after the delay supposedly started
      - Before any rain happened, the SS advised me the slab had been rescheduled due to the concreter, and the slab still went ahead as per that rescheduling, which happened to be after the rain delay.

      Right now imagine me squinting one eye, and opening the other one really wide... hmm...

      They either anticipated the rain and overcompensated with the slab reschedule, or the rain was a convenient excuse so they never have to talk about what happened with that concreter.

      I'm not fussed about delays unless it becomes something I have to pay for.

  5. Yes it is very exciting now! No going back now :D
    Hopefully I can get more pics of the progress soon, I felt a bit silly taking photos when there were dudes there.