Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The End Of Week 8... half way mark?

This could very well be the middle of our build if the 16 week build time is right.  It seems to be at a point now where the house is transforming from a skeleton to a closed structure.

Our first look at some brickwork.  This is the front right corner of the house. The brick is Boral Slate.

Brick wall and pier in the outdoor living area.
The IRL version of the background on this blog.

Some plasterboard around the feature shelves in the entry way.

A first look at the oversized manhole in the garage.

The bathroom, looks smaller than it is, though it's still pretty small.

We're pretty happy with all this stuff, the only issue we're having at the moment is with the water tanks - the area where they are meant to go is very rocky, and the usual equipment they use isn't up to the job.  The SS is talking to another guy with slightly bigger equipment to see if he can get it done, but his fallback plan is to reposition them into the middle of what is essentially our front yard, so that would not be good!  We hope if it doesn't work out with the other earthmover we can have the opportunity to bring in some big equipment to get it done right.

Speaking of tanks, we had to get our temporary water tank refilled - not sure if that's done yet, but I did arrange it.  Apparently the brickies use up quite a bit of water.


  1. It's all coming along nicely Lauren! Hopefully it is halfway, that would be great!! I'm sure you will be able to get the water tank thing sorted out (without it being an....ummm feature of the front yard). Your bricks look fabulous!

  2. *channels Bon Jovi* "You're half-way there!"


    I'm sure they'll find a way to sort your tanks out. If they end up in your yard though...maybe some nice, decorative screening? I've seen it done before it looked great :)

  3. I love those bricks! I never saw them though... Not that it matters as we will be rendered all over after handover. Our build will have been exactly 16 weeks and one day from site start to handover - one extra day because our supervisor is booked out on the Friday and has very kindly offered to do it on a Saturday. One week to go!!

  4. Thanks guys! We are really excited about the latest progress. Should be putting more pics up later. We've got almost a full house of plaster up and more bricking, yay!