Thursday, August 2, 2012

We had another 'oops'

So, we made another mistake, all of our own doing again, shall we blame it on stress?

In between our activity room and living room, we requested a window sized cut out where we would later add plantation shutters. This was added as a variation, and was not originally in the plan. The idea was to let a little breeze and light through, and also keep an eye on any future kidlets that may be hanging out on that side of the house.

This is our shutters idea photoshopped into a photo of a Marcoola display home.
We sent this to Coral when we requested the variation.

It wasn't until the framers were finished that we realised the measurements were way off. It was meant to be a window sized cut out, but what's actually there is a 2100 x 2100 opening, only 30 cm off the ground which goes fully to the ceiling. We saw this last weekend, but just thought they hadn't finished with that part yet. Then somehow it clicked while we were going for our nightly walk on Tuesday night. We rushed back to check the measurements on the final plans and the variation, and sure enough, we had signed off on a 2100 x 2100 window. Farrrrk!!

"A walkway with a tripping hazard in it? Oh those crazy clients..."

We fired off an email to our SS and hoped for the best. Daniel spent the next day trying to get in touch with him- on a Wednesday, which we already know is the day that our SS is out of reach. Thankfully by about 3:30pm Daniel heard from our SS and we were promised that it would be sorted asap, and all it will cost us is a couple of cartons of beer! Never felt so relieved! Plus it lead to this little gem of a quote from Daniel: 'I'm so damn happy it's like there are fairies sprinkling fairy dust in my head'.

Neither of us have any idea how we managed to let this happen. The only thing we can attribute it to was that all of the requests were verbal, and the people involved knew exactly what we wanted and why we wanted it, so we didn't really think to check the final plan. Stupid! Plus every time we did a variation it usually had a fair few things on it which were a tad more stress inducing, so we somehow managed to miss this.

Ah, relief.


  1. Once our plaster went up I said to Andrew 'we should have put a cut out in this area to let light through and to see the future kids in their activity room' - I wanted the plantation shutters too! It will look great - luckily we can add it in later once these 'future' kids are present haha. Funny how you have a freak out over things you see and wonder did I really sign off on that?! I've had a few moments in the last few weeks since Andrew has moved away!

    1. We've already had a few 'we'll add that later' moments too. I'm so, so happy we got this sorted out, I would have been humiliated by our inability to check details if it had to stay. I think I'm going to have a million year sleep when this is all over with!