Thursday, December 27, 2012


Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. We did our best to get our Christmas spirit on this year, despite all of the stress we've had lately. Daniel and I volunteered to make the desserts to go with my Sister in Law's yummy Christmas lunch. 

I ended up making Gingerbread Men and Nutella Cheesecake. Daniel spent many grueling hours becoming the cake pops master!

The cake pops take a long time, there's the baking of the cake balls, carefully cutting the edges off, melting the chocolate to attach the sticks, then melting more to coat them. I think Daniel did an amazing job! He even stayed up until midnight Christmas Eve to get them finished! 

I ended up making my Gingerbread dough the night before Christmas Eve and rolling and cutting them ready to bake the next day. I got up at 5:30 in the morning to bake them. I went off to work hoping it might be a slow day (haha stupid). I finally got home and started decorating the gingerbread men while Daniel worked on our air conditioning project (we'll share once it's complete and installed). In the midst of all of that I also drove to Bunnings to buy screws for Daniel as we knew it would be a while before we could get there again which would slow things down with our other project.

The Nutella Cheesecake was super easy to make. It ended up being a hit for dessert. Personally I felt it was a bit too cream cheesey for  my liking. But no one else seemed to mind.

Let's be honest, I think I would have preferred to just eat an entire jar of Nutella by myself, unadulterated by cream cheese...


  1. How super cute were your ginger bread men and cake pops!!! You and your man are troopers.

    My bro is a huge Nutella fan too. I bet he would have loved your cheesecake but probably agreed about eating it straight from the jar instead lol!

  2. Haha I had no idea this got posted!