Monday, October 7, 2013

Is it the look in your eyes? No it's just my happy tears!

We have some exciting news to share. On Saturday, we went for a drive to our favourite creek, for a swim. Well, at least, I thought that's what we were doing. I was excited to be going to the creek, it was such a hot morning, and we'd been keen to go for a swim ever since winter went away.

This particular creek leads to an amazing water hole if you trek far enough. Many people don't know this and stop to swim in the much smaller, often murkier holes. We walked up the creek for quite a while, clambering over rocks. It was heaps of fun. Daniel took me there in our first year of dating, and I was blown away that a place like it could exist so close to Brisbane. We stopped a few times for breaks along the way, and to take a few selfies on Daniel's phone.

We were almost at the best part when we had to climb a huge rock which is taller than both of us, it's pretty much vertical, so you have to find little spots to pull yourself up on. In my haste, I accidentally scraped my back on another rock when I went to stand up at the top. Ouch!

Not to worry though, once we were both up and over the rock, we'd made it to the water hole. It looked absolutely pristine. Nobody else was there. I've never seen it unadulterated by people before. It was quite exciting to see it like that. This also gave us the opportunity to pick a good spot to setup. We claimed the spot right beside the waterfall which is up on it's own little rock platform.

My back was stinging so I asked Daniel to take a look for me, luckily it was just a little scrape. I turned back around to find the most amazing sight I have ever seen!!

There was Daniel, down on one knee as I turned around, with a little white box in his hands. I am sketchy on the details of exactly what happened during this time. I just remember saying yes and nodding as Daniel said my full name and asked 'will you marry me'? I was crying the happiest tears I've ever cried! It's such an excitable hazy blur. There was a lot of hugging. It was an amazing feeling, Daniel even told me later that it was a similar feeling to having a first kiss. In one moment I even thought my brain had played an elaborate prank on me and that it was just a dream. Daniel assured me it was real.

There was lots of hugging and kissing before the ring ended up on my finger. Daniel had brought along his phone and after I said yes he turned on the Bruno Mars song, 'Marry You'. It was all just absolutely perfect. The whole thing was so 'us', the spot was beautiful and was already very special to us. For there to have been no other people there was an absolute miracle. There was not one cloud in the sky. Just perfect. We took a few pictures together, a few of them are of me crying while also smiling. This boy knows me well, he really planned everything perfectly, and it suited who we are so well.

I was so surprised. I knew it was going to happen at some stage in the future, but did not suspect a single thing in the weeks, days and hours leading up to this. Daniel says he was feeling very nervous that morning and was very quiet. I wasn't suspicious in the slightest. I still can't believe I was lucky enough to have this man propose to me on what seemed like a very casual and normal visit to the creek. Simply amazing!!

A few other people turned up at the water hole a little while later, we stayed for a little longer just enjoying the moment together, taking more pictures and talking. I wasn't sure that I would be able to focus on swimming after that, so we made our way back to the car to return home.

We spent some time at home just ringing family and being generally excited (this takes way longer than I would have expected). We went out for lunch in Samford Village. It was nice being out in public as a newly engaged couple. I felt as if everyone in the world probably must have known what was going on just by the permanent smile on my face.

Later that night we went to the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour by Cirque Du Soleil. It was absolutely fantastic and just followed on from the amazing tone that had been set earlier in the day. I spent most of the day beaming, and occasionally tearing up as I remembered seeing Daniel down on one knee and realising what was happening.

Daniel is the most thoughtful, caring, loving, clever, gorgeous, creative man I have ever known. I feel so lucky to have him. We've been through both good and challenging times during our 7 years together and we're so excited to start the next chapter in our lives!!

Might have to give it another attempt to go for an actual swim soon...

Is it the look in your eyes?
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares, baby
I think I wanna marry you!

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  1. Hi Lauren, I haven't clicked on the blog website in probably 6 months or more, but what good timing! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! What a lovely proposal!!! It does feel like cloud nine when engaged! So exciting!!! Lot's of wedding planning to do now! When planning our wedding I practically lived on the website saved stacks of $$$ too. Hope all goes well with the planning, enjoy the engagement, it does feel extra special when engaged, I know exactly what you mean by the smile and everyone must know lol xxx