Saturday, April 7, 2012

Colour Selection and Finishes

Daniel and I have had a fun filled few days. We both had a 3 day week which was lovely, but also stressful trying to get everything done at work in time.

On Thursday afternoon we went to our selections meeting at Robina with Coral Homes. We schlepped all of our tiles, bricks and paperwork in with us to help make the process easier. We weren't sure what to expect and personally I felt under prepared. We had a few ideas, mostly relating to the garage door and weatherboard colours, and our kitchen colours. Once we got there, things were underway fairly quickly. We met with our consultant Rachel who was very helpful and made the process quite straightforward and informative.

The venue is just like a giant showroom full of samples. Pretty much, we went through everything marking it off in order on our paperwork as we went. We started with the outside of the house and worked our way to the inside. Not too many issues which was good. We were initially disappointed to find that our plan for having a dark charcoal front door was not meant to be. Our consultant informed us that dark based colours are known to warp the door within 2 years due to it drawing heat. However, we found a white based grey so that it wasn't too far off what we were looking for. We still need to decide on an internal paint colour and kitchen cupboard handles. The only thing we are paying extra for so far is frosted glass in the front door for privacy (very important for pretending you aren't home).

Everything went fairly well and I realised we were fairly well prepared after all. We are booked in for our final meeting in a few weeks. Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly. The main concern at the moment is about Council approval, then we might finally be able to breathe easy.

Here is a video showcasing what Coral Homes customers can expect from a colour selections and finishes meeting.


  1. I'm so glad Coral have this centre up and running now. We didn't have this option (only four months ago!), and boy, am I glad we have a clue about design, cos it would have been a train wreck if we didn't!!!

    Will you share your selections soon??


  2. Wow, really? I hadn't actually realised it was a new thing. It certainly made the process easy, it's very well setup. It wasn't what we were expecting at all.

    Will share once I get can get some good shots of the samples.