Sunday, April 8, 2012


Here are our selections so far! They look a little drab in photo form, but we are very happy that we have stuck with our instincts. It's very much a grey and white theme, which I love. My favourite combinations are grey, white and yellow, or grey, white and red. So I guess you can tell what colour scheme all of our accessories, appliances and decor might be!


Slate (Boral) brick with off-white mortar
Surf Mist (Colorbond) fascia, down pipes, garage door and weatherboard (Dulux paint to match)
Shale Grey (Colorbond) roof and gutter
Timeless Grey (Dulux) front door
White Pearl (Dowel) windows (not pictured)


Ice Grey (Beaumont) main floor tile
Sector Gloss White (Beaumont) splash-back tile
Antarctic Stone (Laminex) bench tops
Deep Anthracite (Formica) kitchen cabinetry


Charcoal Textured (Beaumont) floor tile and skirting
Ribbon Charcoal (Beaumont) bath hub and shower feature decor
Still Grey (Beaumont) wall tile 
Deep Anthracite (Formica) bench top
Polar White (Laminex) cabinet


Ice Grey (Beaumont) laundry floor tile (Smaller version of main floor tile)
Ribbon Charcoal (Beaumont) splash-back behind laundry tub


Slate Grey (Colorbond) water tanks

We've chosen Slate Grey (AKA Colorbond Woodland Grey) for our tanks. The main reason is that due to the shape of our block, the tanks will be very visible. Any light or bright colours will draw a lot of attention as they reflect light. So we've chosen a dark colour in the hope that we can put a garden around them and blend them in a bit more than if they were bright green for example. We considered matching them to the house, but they won't actually be right up against the house, so there's not much point in trying to match. 


  1. Looks like a fantastic base to start from. I found some lovely yellow, white and grey fabric the other day, and have a friend who has a yellow and grey scheme. Lovely!

  2. I gotta say it's great to see positive feedback from a 3rd party that knows what they're talking about! We love the colours a lot, and think they're very stylish and yet subtle enough to work with further interior design. We had to pick the tile colours well in advance of the laminate colours so we felt a little restricted in that regard, but in the end we think it worked out quite well.
    But... taking the photos for this blog post made it seem like we weren't being very exciting or daring with our choices. That plus when we went in for colour selections I was wearing grey pants and lauren had a grey top.. lol, I can imagine what the interior design consultant was thinking....