Monday, April 9, 2012

Paint, paint, paint.

Today we are off to check out paint colours now that the world has started turning again and Bunnings is open. We've had a lovely few days hiking with family, going to the movies, and obsessing over the house like usual. It will be nice one day when more of our conversations revolve around something other than the house again.

We are all set to look at the Lexicon colours, but I'm not sold on any in particular just yet. We shall see. We'll also wait to hear back about this bedroom wall idea to see if it's viable. That Daniel, he's an ideas man. As long as it's affordable and we can make it work, then I'm in. It's definitely a huge bedroom, particularly in length-which I have been a bit uncomfortable about. So this might be a good solution.

Meanwhile my friend Fiona is about 2 months ahead on their build and I'm loving the pictures on Facebook of their frame going up. Very exciting to think that if all goes to plan that will be us soon!

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  1. Well to be fair the wall is a done thing, the Avoca 24 has it, and our bedroom:
    - Is so damn long, the TV will be way too far away when laying in bed.
    - Has not enough pieces of 'blank wall' where you can park storage furniture. The space behind the wall, even if not used as a WIR, opens up some options.

    I also want to look at bigger mower wheels at Bunnings, I think it will be easier to mow through the jungle on the hill and turn it back into the grassy knoll it once was.