Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why does my brain think up stuff?

This could be a renovation idea, or I could just get them to put the wall in now so the electrical stuff gets sorted out right up front... hmmmm....


  1. Damn, did the maths, and with a King bed and two 40cm bedside tables, and 720 doors on each side of the wall... doesn't fit... :(

  2. Let's there's 3750mm to work with
    King beds are 1930mm and each bedside table would be 400mm
    That leaves 1020mm for both doors, 510 each.
    Are you allowed 510mm doors? They don't even have to be doors, just walkways...

  3. Firstly, if you really like the idea, I would do it NOW!!! Secondly, although it wouldn't completely achieve the look you're after, you could just have an opening on the RHS (closest to the ensuite), of say 720mm. That look comes off almost as well as with the entry to the WIR on either end. I'm not completely convinced that you'd get away with 510 openings. Also, you would be limited to getting larger b'side tables if you wanted to, at a later date... Just some ideas for you!! M

  4. Yep I'm considering my options. I've read that 520mm doors are done, so small bedside tables. We went to an Avoca 24 display on the Gold Coast (Ormeau?) and instead of bedside table lamps they had hanging lights over the bedside tables, so... space saver right there. Not to mention we don't *actually* own a King bed, but I would love the space, I sprawl.

    1. Actually ... our current bedside tables are 30cm and an AUSTRALIAN king bed is 10cm narrower than I thought!
      So again
      (3750 - 1830 - 300 - 300) / 2 ... that's 660 per opening. A standard door size is 620

      This could work...