Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It begins

Well folks, the day has arrived.  The site was cut today!

Before and After of the site works

We met with the Site Supervisor afterwards, and have learnt of a few things we need to get cracking, like a few more trees to be removed, potable water for the builders, and the temporary power for the site.  We have a bit to do, there are some forms we need filled in by anyone visiting the site, and the water for the builders needs to be there ASAP.

The builders key is now in our possession, though there is nothing to unlock yet :P

Our Home Sewage Treatment Plant consultant was also out on site, and she suggested we move our poop tank from near our Outdoor Dining Area to somewhere more accessible and away from the house.  Good call I guess!


  1. Awesome guys! I checked in earlier to see if you'd put a post up yet! It's a good feeling isn't it? In a few weeks time you'll look back on these photos and think look how far it's come! Looking forward to seeing more now!

  2. Your block looks lovely!! very pretty setting indeed

  3. Awesome news! GREAT call by the HSTP consultant, too.


  4. Thanks lovelies! We will post again soon. Just bits and pieces happening at the moment, will have some plumbing and a slab coming up next week!