Saturday, June 9, 2012


Just one of our little friends who likes to visit our piece of paradise in the bush. 

We've been out to the block this morning to do some last minute preparation before everything starts on Tuesday. Daniel and his Dad both did some whipper snipping. I did what I do best... supervise :)

When we went today we found evidence that someone from Coral had been out there, there were some stakes marking the cut and fill area. It felt a bit like Santa had been! Fingers crossed that everything gets off to a good start on Tuesday.


  1. Very exciting, Lauren! I hope all goes well on Tuesday.


  2. Not long to go now Lauren! Fingers crossed for good weather on Tuesday! Have you found out who your supervisor is yet? Em

  3. Thanks Em! Feeling a bit nervous but excited. Have been checking the weather forecast constantly! We are meeting our supervisor on Tuesday afternoon after the scrape has happened, his name is Mark.