Tuesday, July 24, 2012

End of week six

They've done the gutters, and the roofers are going to get cracking next.

Energex have notified us that there will be no electrical service on Thursday, so I hope that doesn't mess things up too much!

We're still working on getting the driveway sorted out, I met with a guy that does landscaping and earth moving to help us out, but I still don't know when that could be done.

The construction manager called today and warned that we might have to get a retaining wall - more surprises!  Nothing definite yet.  

We also spoke about the issue with the meterbox which shouldn't be there, I really hope they can resolve it because it's on the plans so they have trouble getting past that - I was told by head office back in March that this kind of electrical thing would be sorted out on site, since obviously it doesn't make sense to have two meter boxes.

There's also a conduit that got smashed by a framer's nail, it looks like it could be fixed, so I hope they do!

So we do have a couple things to feel a little stressed about.

I just sent a deposit to get the phone contractor to install a 24 point Cat6 ethernet network.  That's also terrifying because my plans are pretty specific and I can just see someone screwing it up - it's been difficult to even get to this point and having someone be able to echo back to me what I want in a quote - it has been months of back-and-forth with various companies and contractors.

Here are some photos of where the house is at:


  1. Surprises - remember when they used to be a good thing! Haha! I hope all of the little issues can be resolved quickly, because they sure do add up and get quite stressful.

    The house is looking good - are you enjoying wandering around from room to room?


    1. I've been wandering around those rooms in my mind for months, it was very surreal to be standing there in real life. On one hand it was unbelievable to see it materialised like that, but on the other hand... I felt right at home!

  2. That gutter and fascia looks awfully familiar - is it shale grey & surfmist? Great minds think alike! Hopefully all of the problems get fixed really soon. We had a problem with our meter box too - we had requested a split meter (switch board in the garage and meter box on the boundary wall for ease of meter reads etc with a dog). When the meter box got put in it was on the outside of the house. We have emails to and from Coral showing where we specifically requested it etc but the electrician has slugged us for an extra $900.00 as he says it wasn't allowed for. I've requested Coral pay half as we believe it is partly their fault - still waiting to hear back about that one but I'll be pushing for it that's for sure!

    1. Hey you do have the same gutter/fascia as us! Totally didn't steal that off you, and it wasn't something we were terribly confident about. My thinking was that since we wanted a Shale Grey roof, the gutters should blend in. But a lot of details on the house are surfmist, so the fascia went with that.

      Sorry to hear about your meterbox problem. We want exactly what you want, a meterbox at the boundary, and a switchbox inside the garage. That's what I've said all along to sales, head office, the electrician, the ss - I mention it every chance I get, because I'm continually convinced that nobody has actually taken this on board, as the plans continue to show the stock standard setup they probably slap onto every house by default.