Saturday, July 21, 2012

What a difference a week makes!

We'll be making lots of visits to the block over the next few days. We just got back from a visit to the block with Daniel's parents. Tomorrow we are taking my Brother, Sister in law and their Son out for a look. Then Monday Daniel is going out in the afternoon to meet with a guy who will be helping to fix up the driveway.

We haven't really had many updates about the schedule lately, so we were surprised to see how much had changed since we saw it Thursday afternoon. 

Where's Wally (Daniel), try to spot him, haha!

It looks like a proper house now, or at least the shape of one!


  1. It's at this point that you realise, holy crap this is where we're actually going to be living in a few months!! Looking good guys.

    1. Love it! It's definitely gotten very real all of a sudden, best feeling!

  2. It goes up so fast doesn't it! Fantastic to get a good idea on the sizes of things too, very exciting!