Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Piers and mud

Oh my god Brisbane, why is it so cold right now! I really feel for the poor tradies who are working on our block, it's always even colder out there.

We had been told that they would be 'starting' to prepare for our slab yesterday. However, every time we have driven out there in the past week we had been a bit disappointed to find there was absolutely no change. There's been a delay of about 2 weeks since we got our site scrape on the 12th of June.

So yesterday as we were driving out to the block we were getting really excited and hoping for the best. We followed a concrete truck for part of the way and I became convinced it was going to our wasn't.

Then as we were a street away we saw a ute heading back in toward the city, and I got excited again, as it was hopefully proof that someone had actually been working on the block. Woo!

Here's the evidence we found when we got there!

The first piece of evidence that work had been happening at the block.
The Coral Homes sign had been added! Yay!

The next piece of evidence. Most likely, no-one has ever been as
excited to see wet concrete dregs on their driveway as us!

We have piers, yo!

Look at those beautiful piers.

All that was left to do was drive home.
Look how beautiful the moon was at dusk!
This photo just doesn't do it justice.


  1. How exciting, guys! Full steam ahead!!!

  2. Yahoo!!! So slab down this week? Em

  3. Finally some action guys! Haha. Slab early next week if the weather allows. Standing by my whole 'going with the flow' thing, I don't care when they do it, as long as they take their time and do a good job.

  4. Good attitude to have, our concretors said they were really happy with our slab but now that it's had time to cure we can notice a few bumps, some quite decent ones, which we will have to get feather coated before laying our planks or it will be really visible apparently. The biggest ones are right in the line of sight from the entry too - annoying!!

  5. That sucks Em! How annoying!! I'm glad there's a solution/way to sort that out.
    I've been checking the weather, it's not looking too good for next week, but we'll see, maybe it will do one of those magical clear up at the last minute scenarios.