Thursday, July 5, 2012

Plumbing and Electrical Prep

We have just come back from a late afternoon trip to the block to check on progress. We were excited to see some new additions! 


The mystery meter box, that we weren't
expecting since we already have one

Waffle Pods!!

Our slab is scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday, and frames to start next Thursday. Hoping the weather has a quick turn around from the current forecasts!


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    1. Woops M, so sorry I just accidentally deleted your comment! No offence taken by your comment, just my clumsiness!

      Thanks for your support, really hoping the weather holds out!

  2. Saturday A few showers. Min 10 Max 21
    Sunday A shower or two. Min 10 Max 20
    Monday A shower or two. Min 11 Max 21
    Tuesday A shower or two. Min 12 Max 21
    Wednesday A shower or two. Min 13 Max 22
    Thursday A shower or two. Min 13 Max 22


  3. I'm sure I commented on this post but it doesn't look like I did?! A bit of rain is good for curing your slab so you you're in luck there. Fingers crossed the rain stays away for the frame though!

    1. Fingers crossed, it's all boxed up ready to go for tomorrow. Eeeee!!!