Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A fine week nine!

This week I'm taking over from Daniel to do the end of week nine summary. We've had lots of ups and a few stressful moments here and there as per usual.

This week we saw a lot more progress with the bricks, it looks like they are almost at the point of doing the window sills and the areas have been left where the weatherboard will go. We are so happy with our brick choice, it looks exactly how we planned, and there is the perfect level of contrast between the bricks and mortar. I'm really glad we sprung for the off white mortar.

We also saw the majority of the plasterboard finished off, as well as the architraves. We have a proper house 'shell' now and have a real feel for everything. Though we have noticed that all of the cables in the storeroom have been cut through in the wrong spot. They are meant to be up high and out of reach, but have been pulled through at waist height. We've already alerted the SS and that will get sorted out at some point.

We have been a bit stressed over the past week or so while we waited to hear about the area our tanks are going. There was a chance that they were going to have to move the tanks over, which would effectively mean they would be smack bang in the middle of our our front yard area. As it is, they will be to the side of the front, there is no way around it, but they were supposed to be as far to the side as possible. The SS seemed convinced that it wasn't going to be possible to dig up the rocks in the area. Our experience with this block is always 'the bigger the better' when it comes to all things digging and earth moving related. Our SS didn't seem too convinced and continued trying to discuss the issue with bobcat operators. Finally on Friday we got word that he had met with various operators, and that he has actually organised the guy who recently did our driveway for us to come and do it. We are very happy with this, as this guy has access to an 18 tonne excavator, and it will give us the best chance to get them put in the area we want. We were also very happy with the work he did on our driveway. We've been given the go ahead from our SS to get him to do some extra work while he is there, so hopefully we can get some rocks and tree stumps removed while he is at it. During the site cut and clean up they just threw all of the rocks into the front yard, so we have a very messy area of massive rocks needing to be cleaned up.

As you all would have read we have been pretty stressed out about needing to get our temporary water tank filled. We had to just hope that it would get done and everything would be fine for the brickies to continue on Monday morning. We never heard about any issues yesterday or today, and we checked this afternoon and it was full. A lot of stressing over something we shouldn't have to stress about. We really wouldn't mind if we were just given an honest time frame of when it can be done, rather than continual promises. It was getting a bit monotonous toward the end there!

Anyway, onto more exciting things which we found today when we had our afternoon visit:

Special thanks to Daniel for waiting for me to get home from work so we could go to the block together today. Throughout winter I have had to just accept the fact that if he waited until I get home from work then it would be too dark by the time we get there. It's finally at a point in the year where there is still enough light if we wait and go together. Loving it!


  1. Week nine already! Where has the time gone?! All of a sudden it seems like your house as gone from a shell to the start of fit off stage! I know exactly what you mean about building in winter - the lack of sunlight after 5pm when I finish work saw me racing home each day to try and get the last 2 minutes of sunlight so I could see what was done! Looking good guys, the end doesn't seem very far away now!

    1. I know, it's insane! Exactly a month ago today we were out there standing on the slab trying to imagine where things would be. If we go together then we can't get there until 5:30pm, so that ruled out most of winter. It's still dull by the time we get there now, but good enough to see what's happening.