Monday, August 13, 2012


During my week off (feels like forever ago) I did a few little diy projects. 

I painted some bottles by swirling enamel paint on the inside. It takes ages to let the excess drip out! I was a bit disappointed with the yellow, but there weren't many other options at Bunnings. It takes a few coats to get them opaque, but I'm pretty happy with the result. They made a good little spot to put some flowers recently for my Birthday.  


I also worked on a few cushions with my favourite fabrics. I'm a big fan of grey and yellow together, so I can't wait to put these in the new house.

Any other ideas will have to wait until we move. I've been eyeing off a few wooden pallets from the bricks, one of them even has the plastic covering still on it and the  planks are all a different colour, perfect for what I'm looking for! I'm also starting to keep my eye on Gumtree for a a good quality 9 piece dining setting, I have a few ideas up my sleeve if I can find the right one (at the right price).


  1. Nice work, Lauren. Those bottles look just gorgeous!


    1. Thanks M! I love the bottles, and they are completely washable which is awesome.