Saturday, August 18, 2012


We went out for a squiz at the house today and were surprised to see people out there working on a Saturday!  I'm not really sure what they were doing, they seemed to be cleaning up a bit.

The eaves have been done, which is something we've been wondering about the last few times we've gone.  "When are they doing the eaves?" Lauren would say.  Like that's something we care about!  A year ago we didn't even know what eaves were!  And yet it's still exciting to see them there.

A few more shelves and doors had been put in too, and the weird makeshift refuse receptacle has been emptied.

We authorised the payment for the lock up stage this morning at the bank, it's a big one.  On the way back we stopped at a vintage fair with lots of cool antique furniture for sale.  Not too tempted to buy anything after seeing those numbers at the bank :P

Some guys from a generic sounding development company doing unknown things.  You can see the rubbish has been emptied in this one.

This is a view of our walk-in-robe.  The shelves have been put in now so it's great to get a feel for the space.  The door is a bit weird I didn't expect the door frame to extend out to the right like that, I wonder what that will look like.  I don't remember this from the display homes...

The patio area with eaves and completed brick piers.  The patio itself doesn't have the ceiling yet, I wonder if it will be recessed up a bit, or if it will be level with the eaves.

Eaves on the side of the house with the activity room.  The outside of the laundry looks incomplete because its still waiting for the weatherboard cladding.  Interesting there is a brick sill along here too, which we weren't aware of but it makes sense. There are still eaves missing outside the bedroom in the background.

I did some weed killing while we were out there too.  There is quite a lot of that out there and we need to start taming it.  The weed killer I use kills everything though, including grass.  I want to get one that kills weeds to allow the grass to take over, but I'm not really sure what to look for.  With all the bare areas of dirt we have to give the grass the best chance to creep back without allowing the weeds to gain a foothold first.

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