Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wow, 10 weeks!

I can't believe we've been at this for 10 weeks now!  I'm so glad we're keeping this blog as it would be easy to not stop and think about things like that.

The last week was a bit slower than it has been, at least it seems that way as there aren't any big sweeping changes like there have been until now.  It used to be a big shock to see frames, bricks, or a roof, but since we saw our vanities and kitchen delivered a week ago there haven't been any big surprises.

I met with the tiler today.  He seems quite on the ball and made a lot of good suggestions.  He's the tiler that does a lot of the display homes for Coral, and says that some clients specifically request him.  Among the changes made on the spot are adding angle aluminium to the edge of the tiles that meet the cutout in the en-suite, putting the shower floor tiles on a 45 degree angle which apparently Coral doesn't do anymore, and moving a feature wall in the shower to a different wall.

To make tiling easier they've taken the baths out and now they're parked in the living room and walk in robe:

We also ordered our steel water tank, the one that we are supplying in addition to the PVC tanks Coral are bringing.  The council requires us to do this for bushfire reasons, and during contract stage we thought we could get away with just the two.

This week they'll begin clearing the rocky area where the tanks are meant to go, so fingers crossed that goes well.  If it doesn't go well it could mean the tanks are moved to a less desirable location, and will prevent us from doing the sort of landscaping and gardens we would like.

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