Saturday, August 25, 2012

Locked up

We finally got to see our garage door today, it looks like a complete house now, just needs some paint here and there and some down pipes (and a huge amount of landscaping). We had a leisurely look through the entire house. Lately every time we go there are tradies there, even on weekends, so it was nice to have a proper look. 

The water tank area has also been cleared, it's looking like it's maybe not as far into the corner as we want, but it's probably the best they could do. There is a MASSIVE amount of rocks that were moved out of the way which now line the driveway. I know we will want to keep some of these, but we will also need to have a think about getting rid of someone-we aren't sure if this is something people would either like to buy or whether any landscaping companies might like to have them for free. All I know is it would cost a bucket load to get them removed completely. Hopefully we can suss out some options. 


  1. Your house looks magnificent!!!

    Those rocks are gorgeous. I think you should contact a few landscapers or even stonemasons and ask them about them. Even if they don't want them, it might be worth advertising them as being free to whoever wants to move them. I'm sure you'll get some takers.

    1. Thank you lovely! I can't wait to live in it!

      Yeah, I think we will start with some landscaping companies and if all else fails we'll try advertising on gumtree or similar. Need to have a think about it though, because I'm sure there are some things we can do with some of them too.

    2. Oh yes, you must keep as many of the stones as you can! If we didn't live so far away I would happily take one (more if we had a bigger garden lol).