Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bathrooms & tiles & weatherboards, oh my!

Daniel and I have been out to the block this afternoon and found lots of exciting developments! It's fairly picture heavy for all of the people who don't have facebook and don't get to see the progress in person (Hi Mum and Dad). 

15 tonne excavator all ready for tomorrow's
water tank preparation

The cladding has finally been added.
We were so excited to finally see it!

Master bathroom. Looking spectacular!
The tiler's work seems to be pretty exceptional!

Very happy with how our feature wall in the shower looks

Pantry shelves complete
Kitchen splashback

Spare bathroom. Very happy that we moved the column of
tiles to a more visible shower wall

Laundry. These are a smaller version of our main floor tiles,
very happy with the colour!

Cladding on the side of the house, not quite complete yet

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