Thursday, September 6, 2012

More paint and stuff

The painting has been going on for the last week and a half, but a few other little things have happened.

This is the colour of our front door, and you can see the painted downpipe
on the left, and the painted weatherboard on the right.

We were up last night talking about where they might put the towel rail
in our ensuite, or whether they would put it in at all.
We never really thought about it, but there isn't really a good spot for it.
We don't really like what they've done, like it's alright, but not great.
I think we'll be looking to sort something else out.

Hey! A door knob.

The Toilet roll holder!

OK I know it's weird to get excited about what is probably a 50 cent door
stopper, but I even went to the trouble of taking a photo of it, so I
must like it.

Some more deliveries, it looks like there is an oven, a dishwasher, and the
hot water system on the left, and the toilets, knobs, and taps on the right.

One of the shower heads.  We don't love it, but there wasn't much to choose from.

I took a peek inside one of the boxes.

Sliding door latch.

The towel rail in the main bathroom.  Now here it looks too small for the
space that it's in, hmm...

Clothes rail in what is planned to be our guest room.

Clothes rails in the WIR.

Down pipe.

We've also got the local landscape guy to pinch a few of those rocks that we've got piled up because of the clearing for the water tanks, though it looks like we're stuck with the big ones.

Still not sure when exactly the water tanks are going in, should be in the next week and a half, that's really our next 'challenge'.


  1. All looking great guys, its been a while since I've checked it all out so just did a quick catch up! I love your choice of facade colours and bricks etc, it all works so nicely together. Can't be long to go now - any idea of a handover date yet?

    1. Yeah the external colours have worked really well, apart from the surprise with how light the roof/gutter colour was, but it's no biggie.

      Haven't asked about handover yet, I think it's getting down to the point where I will start mentioning that when I speak with our Site Supervisor. It would be great to get it a little early, as that will give us a bit more room to breathe in terms of moving out of our rental townhouse.

  2. How exciting, it looks like Santa delivered his gifts early this year lol!

    I think we have the same front door…love it 

    Hmmmm, I agree about the towel rails. They’re not bad but I know the feeling about “could be better,” …kinda like the plumbing in our house 

    Maybe if you get a towel ladder in the Ensuite or even just install another one of the same rail above it? Going tall would suit that spot better. Unless you had another spot in mind..?

    You know, I think we have the same, or if not at least very similar, bathroom hardware! Great taste ;)

    And good luck with the water tanks!!!

    1. Santa has been nice to us lately haha. I didn't even want to go to the house, I didn't think there would be much progress other than the painting inside, so it was a bit of an exciting surprise for me.

      At least the towel rails can be changed easily, I would much rather have used that wall space to put a towel ladder or tower there, so we might move it to a different wall, maybe even above the other end of the bath up higher.

      We didn't get too much choice with Coral, but as long as it's sparkly and silver I'm pretty happy haha.