Saturday, September 1, 2012


Today was our first glimpse of the paint job on our house. The internal colours are Lexicon by Dulux, and Vivid White for the ceiling. We haven't really been that phased by the painting stage, we didn't even go out to check on the progress during the week. As we expected, it's a normal white like we had hoped. Lexicon is supposed to be the basic 'cool white' by Dulux-this is the impression I get anyway from reading various blogs and forums. As long as it didn't look yellow, it was going to tick all of the right boxes anyway. Yay, box ticking! It looks like it still has a coat or two to go, the eaves have been started. The weatherboard is yet to be started-this is probably the one area we are interested to see, as it is supposed to match the surfmist colour of the garage door. The front door will be timeless grey, at the moment there's just a base coat. I miss the beautiful natural look of the door, but before long we won't even remember what it looked like. It also looks like a pipe on the side of the house has been fixed up, as it was sticking out too far for the guys to do the weatherboard. We've taken a fairly laid back approach with these types of issues, it's not really our's theirs. So whenever they wanna fix things like that it's up to them. 

Front door base paint, and painted eaves

Living room

Dining room

Media and study


Fixed pipe/ wacked into place with a hammer...

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