Sunday, September 16, 2012

Water tanks and light bulbs

On Friday morning I had to go round to the house to help flip a water tank.  The builder had delivered two polyethylene tanks the day before.

The tanks come with two guys and they need a third to help flip it off the trailer, so that's why I had to be there.

Since the tanks already on the area prepared for them were still on their side there wasn't really enough room to plonk it down there, so we put it nearby.  Hopefully they move them all into place upon installation.

I also noticed the telstra contractors have connected the phone line to the outside of the house.  It looks like they've used the conduit that we provided, which is good since they were saying earlier they might retrench it and lay cable without conduit.  The tiler told me they couldn't do the internal stuff because of his tiling :P

I don't know what's up with that earth stake, they really can't find a nicer way of doing this?

Earlier today we went out to install some of our lightbulbs, though we couldn't get everywhere because of loose tiles.  We bought a whole bunch of lightbulbs at bunnings - you know they have these great value packs of bayonet bulbs, but none of the screw ones??  Our kitchen pendants look amazing, we didn't get to see our bedroom pendants in action because those did turn out to be bayonet fittings, and the bulbs we got for the facade lights were 50W but the fittings are 35W max, so we'll have to sort that out.

  We also set up the pads for the gas bottles.


  1. Replies
    1. It sure is M! We've got boxes everywhere. I'm even starting to think ahead to when we're all moved and can start going for swims at the local creek, and I'm thinking of booking us in for a couples massage for the end of our moving week. Bliss is somewhere ahead in the future, just got to get through all of these last minute things first.

  2. You know it's getting close when you can play with the lights! So excited for you guys, I'm sure you'll love living in your new home, I know I do!

    1. So, so close! The stress will hopefully all be worth it soon.