Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Almost a home

We are still scheduled to have our walk through on Friday at 2pm. We have definitely noticed a few issues we want to make sure go on the list to be fixed, mostly painting issues (and a million little bugs that have died on the pantry door while the paint was drying) and a few plastering fix ups.

It seems like we go from stressed, to more stressed these days. But that all went away tonight when we went for a visit. The tiles have been finished and they look great. Our tiler really did a wonderful, high quality job. Our electrician still needs to come back to finish the fit off. HEQ came today and started their fit off for the data and TV points, looks like they will need to come back again too as they aren't finished. Today the cleaners were there and they've left the house looking beautiful. The water tanks are still sitting on their side, the plumber will be back on Friday to install the hot water system and to plumb the water tanks. After the hot water system is installed the gas fitter will be back and then we will need to order our gas tanks. We haven't heard when carpet and fly screens are going to be installed, but I imagine it will be really soon!

Daniel's baby: Patch panel installed in the store room.

Mirror and shower screen

Kitchen, well lit with only the pendants. 

Shower screen and mirror

Creepy crawlies have started moving in before us, who gave them a key?
The biggest stress this week has been a ridiculous issue with the potable water tank. Somebody on site decided to be really smart and put a brick under the side of the tank to get more water out of it...which resulted in a crack. As we have mentioned before, the guy who owns the water tank is difficult enough to deal with as it is. The guy was not impressed, and now says we owe him $1000 to replace this shitty old tank (and of course SS claims it's not their fault, well it isn't ours either but yet again we cop it). The most annoying part is that we really only need to provide water for another few days. So we have a replacement water tank for the next few days. The only funny thing to come out of all of this is that the tank guy told Daniel this is the 6th time this has happened to one of  his tanks on a building site. And yet the guy still doesn't bother to develop a proper business model, no insurance, no deposit for the tank, still hasn't bothered to even invoice us for the time we've had the tank, no signage on the tank saying not to touch it, nothing. I can think of more than a few strategies for him to avoid this happening again.

Someone's smart idea

New shitty tank for potable water

Hopefully from here things will be a bit more smooth. Seriously, how many more issues can come up within the next two weeks? All going well, we will still hopefully have handover on the 2nd of October. We'll take more photos to share on Friday! Until then, wish us luck, and let's hope the tradies don't find something else to wreck.

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