Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pictures extravaganza

I'm currently sitting in our media room listening to some lovely afternoon rain, the smell of rain and dirt is coming through the window. Amazing! What a day! We had Franklyn Blinds out this morning to to do a quote for blinds and shutters (Yeah...we'll just be getting blinds for now, the shutters were pricey!$!$!) We then had the lovely M from the Decorating Emporium around for a tour and she came with some cushion covers I won recently in one of her awesome giveaways. She has built the same type of house as us, so it was really exciting to have her over. Later in the afternoon we had my brother and his family over, it's safe to say that this is the right type of house for kids to run around and find plenty of hiding spots in. It's been a great day, and it's now been topped off by an afternoon storm. Daniel and I just spent 20 minutes running around with brooms clearing the down pipes of leaves so that we can collect as much rain as possible. The rain smells divine!

While the house was fairly tidy for all of our weekend visitors we thought we'd take the opportunity to get some photos.


  1. Thanks for having me out today, guys! Your house looks beautiful and I absolutely love the location.

    Well done!!

  2. What a beautiful post. I can't wait to be at the same stage :) It gives me hope!

    And, I love the pop of colour in the bathrooms, esp the yellow. It looks gorgeous!!!

    Congrats on building such a beautiful home :) Please continue to post!