Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prep work

We've been in the house for a month now. It feels normal now. The other day Eaton's Crossing was completely closed due to an unfortunate accident, however it meant I had to drive home via Clear Mountain. I honestly had no idea that Brisbane had so many stunningly beautiful places. I came across the most amazing views, it was hard to focus on the road!

Closer to home, we've been working on getting everything ready for our driveway, porch and patio to be poured. We are lucky enough to have Daniel's Brother coming to town from Thursday-Sunday to work on this for us. We will have a bobcat here on Thursday to prep the area, so while he is here we will get him to do some other earth moving around the place. We need to widen the area down the side of the house where they cut, and then at some point we'll build a retaining wall there. We're also wanting to scatter bark over our front embankment to start turning it into a vertical garden. I've been out weeding it every day since Saturday in preparation- I make it sound like there was a huge amount of weeds, but I just do an hour at a time.

Inside the house we are still working on organising all of our belongings. At some point we'll be ready to setup the guest room, but for now it's truly not a priority. We've got a guy coming on Thursday to measure our windows and doors so they can order our blinds. It will be great to not have to careful in front of the front windows! I don't think people can see much, but it still is a bit uncomfortable. We've also got our new couches coming early December. They can't come soon enough to be honest! All of our poor guests just have to stand around awkwardly in the kitchen. We don't even bar stools for people to use since we got rid of ours. The second we put our old ones down in the kitchen we noticed they were rubbing rust on the tiles. So out they went! I've got my heart set on some of those silver industrial ones like this, but I'm still looking for the best price. I've still got my eye on Gumtree for a traditional dining table to redo too.

We'll have some pictures of the driveway and patio by the end of the week hopefully. I can barely hold in my excitement about the possibility of actually being able to park in the garage!


  1. Sounds like your making progress with all the million things that need doing once the house is done, really when the house is built that is just the start of the hard work lol.

    Love the replica Tolix stools we are tossing up between white ones, ikeas ingolf or cane. Check out Ebay they are under $100. Love the Tolix dining chairs as well.


    1. Progress finally. But it'll probably be slow moving again for a while. So glad I found out you can get them on ebay. There's a lot more options than I realised, thank you Tash!