Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We're back from the wilderness!

We've officially been in the house for one week now (as of yesterday). I think we can well and truly say we feel at home. We still don't have internet thanks to Telstra (it was meant to be put on yesterday, but it will now apparently be another week). I can't believe we are both back at work already.

Last week was exhausting. We had the movers come early Monday Morning and then there were various car trips back and forth from the rental to the house.

We then spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday cleaning up the rental getting ready to give the keys back on Thursday.

We have unpacked a lot, especially in the kitchen, bathroom and main bedroom. However, there is still a hell of a lot to go!

The highlights so far have been cooking in such an amazing kitchen. We have been cooking in a terrible kitchen that took 15 minutes just to boil already hot water for the past year and a half. So it's amazing to be able to boil things and actually hear that sizzle sound when you put something in the pan! The giant bathtub is also awesome. The size of the shower has been great too. We also had a new couch delivered for the media room. Oh my god, I love it! We'll post pictures soon. Basically whatever way you lay on it, you can still stretch your legs out, it's the perfect solution for someone who doesn't want to get the typical 'media chairs' with the cup holders and everything. We've also got a new fridge coming on Thursday, it's going to really come in handy being so far out of town. We are already finding it hard to keep enough food on hand so that we don't have to trek in to the shops constantly.

Anyway, we'll provide more of an update soon, with pictures!

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  1. I'm so glad the first week has gone well! I was just thinking of you this morning when I saw your cushion covers in my stockroom - just let me know when you'd like them.

    Looking very forward to seeing photos, too - bring them on!