Monday, October 8, 2012

I need a nap

We have moved!  5 am start for us today, with a moving truck coming first thing in the morning.  There are apartments being built across the road from our rental with lots of delivery trucks coming in the morning, and it was garbage day, so our whole street here was a truck traffic jam in the morning - pretty hectic! We're back at our rental now to clean up and get a few last bits and pieces, including the computer which I left behind and it's still getting Internet :P

The plumber came back this morning.  Apparently the council wasn't happy that the hot water system did not have a pipe leading out of it for condensation - the plumbers didn't include one because that hot water system doesn't produce a lot of condensation - about 1 drop per year according to him so it was fine to just dribble out.  The council will be back tomorrow to make sure that pipe is there :P

The plumber asked me about my experiences with Coral, eventually he revealed there had been some big arguments between his company and Coral about who was responsible for leveling and creating a footing for our water tanks.   See we paid $7000 for earthmoving in our contract because of the potential difficulties with site works and such, and then about an extra thousand when the water tanks variation came in.  The site scrape was done in less than a day, and when it came down to it the water tanks area was prepared in less than a day too - so I don't think they would have come close to using that money.  But they still tried doing the job with the smallest/cheapest equipment possible, which we always knew wasn't going to work.  According to the plumber; Coral had initially tried to make the plumbers responsible for having the area for the water tanks prepared at their own expense.  Very funny.  Obviously that didn't work out, and perhaps goes to explain why it took so long for us to get water.

The plumber checked the temperature of our hot water to ensure it did not exceed 50 degrees.   I told him it takes a long time for hot water to reach the ensuite bathroom, but he pretty much said any kind of booster or similar devices would burn up a lot of energy.

We also needed a couple extra Storm Water Gullies put in which were overlooked during the build.  On the weekend we went to the house with my father and brother, and they were convinced the muddy storm water was being fed into the water tanks, which is a pretty foul thought.  According to the contract, and as confirmed by the plumber, the SWGs are connected to the Soakage Pit, which is also used for water tank overflow.   The Soakage Pit is a big hole filled with gravel, and some drain pipes sticking out the top in case it gets full.

The other awesome thing is I also organised a local antenna guy to come out and see if he could get TV reception.   I don't even want to go into it right now, but it was another bizarre Samford experience.  The short version is that now we have an antenna in an extremely fringe area, with an extremely clear picture to potentially 8 TVs.  Lauren's excited we won't even have to miss one episode of Big Brother.  I'm not even joking.

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