Saturday, November 24, 2012


If a photographer came to our house, I think all they would get is a huge bunch of 'before' pictures. One day, when we have money and time (haha) we might work towards an 'after' picture. I don't mind putting it out there. We're young, we don't have a lot of cash to splash around, and the things in our home do not look like what you would find in a display village. But it's home.

Well here are some more before's:

This is creamy coloured coffee table given to us by Daniel's Brother. it's not in the best condition, but I am confident I can do something cute with it. I'm planning something pinterest inspired, it will probably  involve mod podge, scrapbook paper and paint. We'll see. We cant afford to buy anymore furniture, so as soon as the final set of couches arrive, it will be all diy and hand me downs from here on out.

This very sweet and charming chair was an offering from Daniel's Mum. It's no in amazing condition but there's something very sweet about it and I just love it. I think it will look right at home once we have the couches for the living room.

Daniel's Brother also brought over their old dining set in his ute. Again, it's not in great condition, but it's so damn cute. I love the burnt look it has. I'm not sure what we'll do with it, but I again I'm envisaging some kind of pinterest inspired re-do. For now we are just glad to have some kind of dining table, mainly because it will off set my urge to go out and buy a dining table. So the final decision was to have a hand me down until we are ready to buy what we really want. One day I would really love a big farmhouse style table and pair it with some ultra modern chairs. 


  1. Love that dining setting and the chair, what great hand me downs your family gives out. I can see that chair upholstered in some modern fabric. Our house will be empty too but I have been looking on ebay and gumtree, love Etsy too for cute little prints. Aaah if only there was a magical money tree haha.

    1. We've been pretty lucky with the hand me downs lately, we got some really big stepping stone style pavers yesterday from my brother as well.

      I'm looking forward to getting my diy on, but feels like I never have the time lately. Can't wait to see your next update Tash!

  2. We also will have a mostly empty house for a while. After hand-over we will still need curtains/blinds, laundry cabinetry, fly-screens, wardrobe fit-outs, custom cabinetry in the formal living room and one of the bedrooms, landscaping (eek!) etc etc. I think it's fairly common. Build the bones first then slowly fill it up :) And did I mention that we're getting married next year? :-S Anyway, we'll get there eventually, and I think you're off to an amazing start. When you do DIY your things, they'll look great and you can be so proud. I'm planning a lot of DIY artwork atm...we'll see how it goes. Haha!

    Can't wait to see your "after" pics :)


    1. Gets a bit overwhelming sometimes realising how many things need to be done, but then you remember that it doesn't have to be done all at once. I'm looking forward to future wedding related updates from you Ash!