Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas has come early!

We've waited about 3 months and our couches FINALLY arrived today! We are absolutely in love with them, and it's given me a whole new appreciation for the rest of the house too. Everything looks a lot more complete now. We played around with them for a while, we definitely need a few little pieces of furniture to go with them, but that can wait. 

Here they are! Our guests will finally have somewhere to actually sit!

This is what the area looked like before:

We were also supposed to get our blinds installed today. However the poor installation guy got given the wrong address and ended up going to the Gold Coast instead of Samford Valley. Really annoying as we've already been waiting about 8 weeks for them to be made and installed. So they might be installed one night this week, or possible Thursday during the day. It will be really great to finally feel like we have some privacy, let's hope it gets sorted out this week!

Update: The blinds are going to be installed on Thursday. YAY!


  1. How exciting, you guys! The couches look great, and I still love that Charlie Chaplin art work!

    Bugger about the blinds, hopefully they are indeed installed this week for you.


  2. Looking great!!! I especially love the Christmas touches :)

  3. Thanks lovely ladies! It's so exciting that they are finally here after such an agonisingly long wait. Totally loving this house right now and that we get to have our first christmas in it!

    Any new updates Ash?

  4. Love the nailhead trim on the front. Look forward to seeing the blinds go up.

    1. The nailhead trim is my favourite part! I'm so glad Daniel chose this set. I wasn't so keen at first, but I'm really glad now. It's nice to have something a bit more formal, especially when the couch in the media room is so loungey and modern.