Saturday, March 9, 2013

Still waiting...

Ever since we moved in we have been waiting for a guy to come and take away this temporary water tank. It's now been about 5 months. We hired the tank from him so that there would be water for the site build. If you have read any of our previous posts from during the build, you will have seen that this guy was nothing but trouble, constantly promising to fill the tank up and then not coming through. The phone conversations we had with him were nothing short of weird. Any time we would try to find out what the delay was about he would make reference to his recent marriage breakdown, very odd and unprofessional. 

The weirdest part of this is that we are also waiting for him to give us the bill for the hiring of his tank. So it's not like there's nothing in it for him, you would think he would be motivated to come and get it so he can give us the bill. It's not even a small bill either! We called him when we were finished with it about 5 months ago, he came and took the other tank and said he would be back for this one and would finalise our bill, and we haven't seen or heard from him since. So weird!!!

So for now we get to drive past this pile of metal every single day. I truly wonder if he will ever come to pick it up at all. At this point we aren't going to bother ringing to badger him about it, he knows where it is, he knows we have moved in and no longer need it. Really the weirdest part is knowing that we owe him a substantial amount of money for the hiring and servicing of it, yet he hasn't bothered to drop off the bill. Surely he wants his money, if anything.

Our advice to anyone who has to hire a tank to provide temporary water is to just go to Bunnings and get the biggest tank you can fit on a ute and call it a day. You won't have to deal with weirdos like this, and it will cost a hell of a lot less than hiring one. We were pushed to get something sorted very quickly, if we'd had more time we wouldn't have ended up in this bizarre situation.

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