Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day trip

After a bazillion days of rain and a million times being flooded in at home (only a tiny exaggeration), we finally got to go out for a day trip today!

We used to go for day trips to Dayboro and Mt Mee when we lived in Mitchelton and Enoggera. Since moving here we have really only had time to go on one mini day trip, and as it turns out, we are now only a 20 minute drive from Dayboro...not much of a day trip.

So we decided to go beyond the mountains and see what's on the other side!

We wound up at Lake Wivenhoe. It was beautiful! Lots of lovely little spots to stop along the way too.

Daniel prepared an amazing picnic consisting of chicken wings, french sticks, tapenade, his favourite amazing Polish potato salad (which takes a billion hours to make, and you have to cut all of the vegetables the exact same size, too tedious for me) and various other assorted goodies. We were finally able to use the picnic set that Coral Homes gave to us. Unfortunately I was feeling really unwell and only managed to eat a few chicken wings and that was it. But Daniel was absolutely loving his potato salad, so it was an excellent picnic by the water!

Hopefully we can fit in some more mini weekend trips soon. We are really hoping the weather is starting to turn around in time for Winter now. There's still plenty more to explore 'beyond the mountains', we're hoping to also check out Somerset and Lake Manchester soon.

Oh and sneak peek, we're also working on this little area of the house at the moment:


  1. Your picnic sounded wonderful (except you feeling ill). But I'm glad it was a good, non-rainy day for you :)

    I can't wait to see more on your sneak peak!


    1. Hi Ash! Hope we get a similar weekend this time around, or at the very least a sunny Easter long weekend!

      I've been lazy so I've progressed no further on our little gallery wall haha. But when I do, it'll be up there!

      Off to read your latest post now!