Sunday, May 12, 2013

The wall of colour!

We are almost finished our gallery wall finally. It's surpisingly hard to choose things to put in them. I also hit a bit of a motivation issue along the way, so it had been half finished for at least a month or more. 

It started out with me trawling gumtree and finding someone was selling a heap of secondhand Ikea Ribba frames. A whole bunch for about half the price!

I bought them on the way home from work one afternoon. And wouldn't you know it, the one day I'm driving a long with a whole heap of fragile glass front frames, a weird neighbourhood dog decided to bolt toward my car. I had to slam on my brakes really suddenly and ended up breaking a few of the frames in the process. Stupid dog was acting psycho and proceeded to act like it was going to attack the car even after I stopped. As I drove away it actually chased the car and it wasn't until I was going at quite a speed that it finally stopped chasing me. Bizarre!!!!!

Anyway... We were initially thinking of a more random arrangement. I like the look of that type of arrangement. Daniel and I played around for ages and came to this:

I don't know if it's that I was too chicken, or just not very daring, but I changed my mind about the random arrangement after a few days. I just felt like it was too much for a living room area. I wanted it to be fun, but still a bit more formal. It just wasn't me. Plus I feel like a more traditional arrangement might last longer in terms of style. 

The following are what we ended up with:

For the last month or so we have only had that one lonely print in them. It's a print I found on Etsy from Homely Creatures. I love buying local products, Homely Creatures is based in Brisbane! I am utterly convinced that the print looks like a cartoon version of me...well apart from the moustache I guess. 

Well yesterday I suddenly had a burst of motivation and decided it was time we put something in the frames. I ended up pulling out all of my old art supplies. I did a few with paints but they weren't very good. Then I pulled out my pastels and did a few bright numbers. For a simple idea, I think it turned out pretty well. Really, I think anything can look good once it's mounted and framed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they turned out pretty darn well, lots of texture and colour.

Totally accidental, but turns out a lot of the colours go with our Charlie piece. Daniel thought I had planned it, but no haha.

So now we just need to find 2 more pieces to go in the bigger frames. I would love to find the boy equivalent of the mo-girl one for Daniel to go on the other side. One day we will look for some nicer decorations for the table, but the Babushka dolls are special to us. 

Hopefully we will have some new updates soon, with wait for it......retaining walls....excitement plus haha. Hopefully some excavation work coming up soon once the rain goes away too. 


  1. Looking good, Lauren! I love your homemade artwork - it's perfect!


  2. That wall is great! It looks like it belongs in a contemporary art museum :)

    I can't believe how random that dog attack was!

    And, I am super excited about your retaining wall post. I guess building does that to you. Haha!


    1. Thanks Ash. They turned out pretty well, and best of all I had all of the art supplies already.

      Haha, well according to my Brother he will be able to help us with the retaining wall in July. Once we learn how to do it, we'll have a lot to keep us occupied as there are plenty of spots that could do with a retaining wall in some form.