Friday, September 21, 2012


We had PCI today. It was meant to be at 2pm but our SS arrived at around 1:30pm so we got off to an early start.

Daniel and I got there a little early and spent some time putting in more light bulbs. We now just need 2 more bulbs for our bedside pendants, we had some cheapies but they just wouldn't fit, for no logical reason other than they are cheap junk. So we will buy some that cost more than a dollar and see how we go.

Things got moving pretty quickly once our SS arrived. We all started scouring for any problems room by room. To be honest, 99% of the problems were paint work related, and boy were there a lot!! Every room has quite a lot of red dots drawing attention to things the painter will need to fix. Unfortunately a lot of little tiny insects have died in the paint work.

We did the inside of the house first, signed off, then checked the outside of the house. There were very few areas needing attention on the outside of the house. While we were there it started storming, which was perfect timing as two of our three water tanks were plumbed earlier today. Yay for free water from the sky! We will still need to buy a few truck loads of water to start us off, but it was great to see that we are already capturing some rain.

Only two of the tanks have been installed so far. The third fire tank is aluminium and they will need about 4 guys to lift it into place. They won't have the man power ready until next Friday. Initially our SS was talking about having handover next Friday instead of the following Monday, but then he remembered that the plumber won't even be back until then, so we should keep handover as the 2nd of October after all. Fine with us! This will also give us a chance to get a few loads of water brought in before then.

While we were at the house the gas fitter came by. He connected up the gas hot water system and left a letter for us to give to the gas company. We've chosen a local gas bottle supplier from Samford who apparently get them from Elgas anyway. They will be hooking up the bottles on Monday.

Our carpet has also been installed! It's Andrew Karaoke carpet. It's a very dark grey. There wasn't really a huge amount of choice since we went with the C grade carpet, but it will serve us well as it won't show up too many marks. It looks a lot nicer than I thought it would, it shows up very dark in photos though. 

We also discovered all of our screens have been fitted. Yay!!! Hopefully this will help with all of the bugs we have come across lately. I'll still be booking in a pest control spray asap though.

Earlier today we went to the bank to sign off on the final invoice. They explained that we might have to chase the builder for our Occupancy Certificate, as that was apparently an issue with another Coral build earlier in the week. Our SS expects that it should be available next Wednesday, so fingers crossed. The one exciting thing at the bank was that we didn't realise our original bank loan officer had put an extra few thousand on our loan to cover any unforeseen extras. So it turns out we won't have to pay cash for our variations (although I guess that means the bank wins there). Anyway, yay, more savings available to us! 

Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly over the next week and a bit. Over the weekend we will be out at the house moving 800 bricks to a better area. Muscle building!! 


  1. Glad everything went well, guys. The paint was our biggest issue too, and still is. If we ever build with Coral again (we probably will), I'll be requesting a different painter.

    Yay for a bank actually doing something proactive, who knew?

    Have fun moving bricks. You're arms will be ripped by the end of the weekend!!!


    1. Thanks M!

      Yeah we were quite shocked by the quality of the painting. However everything else is fairly top quality, especially the tiling. So if anything had to have been crappy, at least it's something that we'll be doing again at some point, very annoying though. I doubt we will be that happy with the paint when it's fixed anyway, because there are just so many issues.

      Our bank has been fantastic, can't speak highly enough of Bendigo.

  2. Hi Lauren,

    Everything looks great, Coral have done a great job. Love the neutral colours through out, means you can decorate however you want in the future.

    I think the painting along with the kitchen is something I am most nervous about, I hope we get a good painting crew. Hopefully their fix up on the paint brings it up to scratch for you.

    Tash x

    1. Yay, you found us Tash! Thank you! We are really happy with our colour scheme, it's making it a lot easier now that we are thinking about furniture and accessories a bit more.

      Really hoping the painting can be fixed up a bit, but I'm not holding my breath. I guess it couldn't all be perfect!