Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It's been rather eventful at the house this week. 

The painter has been back. It's still not as perfect as it should be, but it's probably as good as it's going to get. Daniel was there earlier in the week and the painter had a bit of a whinge to him about the fact that they don't get paid to come back to do touch ups, and that being a painter is pretty much the worst job you can have with poor conditions and low pay. 

Monday morning Daniel was supposed to meet the valuer from the bank at 8am. Daniel got there at about 8:02am, stood around for an hour waiting and nobody showed up. It wasn't until much later in the day that the valuer called to say he did the valuation in the morning by looking through the windows. Poor Daniel had just missed the guy by minutes! 

We also had our gas tanks delivered and hooked up Monday by a local company. 

Tuesday morning Daniel was up early again, this time to meet our independent building inspector at 7am. It was a fairly detailed report but didn't find too many real issues. We've raised a few more queries with our SS as a result, just things like two sliding doors that are a bit stiff, a window that is a bit stiff and things like that. 

Probably the most exciting and long awaited event was seeing all three of our water tanks finally installed and plumbed properly. The electrician still needs to come back to get the pump working though. Today we ordered 3 truck loads of water for them so that the plumber can finish everything off. While we were at the house tonight the water truck came, so it was interesting to see how they do it, and how noisy it is! 
Plumbed water tanks


We also had our wheely bins delivered today. We were a bit stunned to find that it costs $250 per year to have bins. I guess we've never come across this because we've always lived in apartments. It makes you wonder what our rates are even covering when we are paying that for bins, we are providing our own water and waste system too. Meanwhile Moreton Bay Council rates are some of the highest around. 
Spiffy wheely bins

We spent about an hour on Sunday afternoon moving piles of bricks at the house. We went back this afternoon after work to finish the rest off. It's nice to have them all moved out of the way finally. Now there will be nothing stopping the local temporary water tank guy from coming to collect his leaky tanks. Bonus is that the house looks lovely and unobstructed by bricks and piles of rubbish. 

The bricks we moved today
(this is only half of what we moved all up)
The most wonderful thing to happen this week was seeing fireflies in our new front yard last night! Neither Daniel or I have ever seen fireflies, so it was a fairly unexpected and magical experience. My first reaction was to grab Daniel's arm and freak out, it all made me feel a bit like we were seeing aliens at first haha. We very quickly realised what they were. It was incredible. I wish we could have got a picture, we'll keep trying. But who knows if we will see them very often. 

At this stage handover is still expected to be next Tuesday. It will probably just be Daniel going to handover as I already have a 3 day week next week as it is. Stay tuned folks!


  1. Wow Lauren, not long to go!!!! Very exciting!!! Bet you can't wait to come home from work to your brand new home!! xx

  2. Everything sounds fantastic! What a wally that painter is - harden up mate!!

    The countdown is well and truly on. Bring on next week.


  3. Well and truly counting down guys! Can't wait to be all moved in and perhaps maybe there might even be an opportunity to relax after that(We've almost forgotten what relaxing means).

  4. Hey, I've seen fireflies before at the Fortitude Valley swimming pool, they swarm the grand stands at night.

  5. So exciting guys! I've been a bit slack with my blog and others, trying to do a quick catch up now! What did the painter expect when he said that stuff to Daniel!? If it were me, I would have said "if you'd done it right the first time there wouldn't be any touch ups and your choice to be a painter mate!".

    1. Yea it was awkward, but I guess I did feel sorry for him as a lot of the paint problems were caused by other tradies.
      Funny thing is though the painter works with his son... so... that guy didn't take his dad's advice.