Saturday, September 29, 2012

The long weekend wait

We kind of figure not much will be happening at the house until handover. We visited the house last night and found that the electrician had been back, which also meant he had hooked up the pumps for the water. Yay for running water finally!!! So realistically they left it until the absolute last day possible to get the water up and running. Daniel was excited to find that the electrician had recessed the data and TV points as requested. We can't speak highly enough of the quality and workmanship of that guy, he has done a fantastic job. I was excited to find that our bedside pendants were finally lowered into the right place. Woohoo!!

The only thing we are waiting on is the final clean of the house, and for the doors to our walk in robe to be put back on. Can't wait to see the house all clean again, it's gotten filthy in the last week. 

This afternoon there was an inspection for prospective tenants at our current rental. We went to a lot of effort to make the place presentable despite all of the boxes laying around. We figure it's in our best interest, hopefully they will find a successful applicant and they won't have to do any more inspections. 
This morning we went to Far Pavilions to sign off on the couches we want. They won't be available until December which is a pretty long wait. 

We'll be spending the rest of our long weekend packing. We hope you are all enjoying your time off. For now, here's a few more little piccies. 


  1. Yay for running water. Always a bonus in a brand new house!

    The long weekend wait must be absoutely killing you! Bring on Tuesday.


    1. In a way I guess it might be the calm before the storm. But we're still trying to make the most of the long weekend, and there's a lot of packing still to go, woops.

  2. OMG you're at the finish line! How amazing! I can't believe how quickly that last part went. It gives me hope for our expected completion in December. You must post pics as soon as you're settled! Have fun packing/un-packing :)

  3. P.S. I am super, mega jealous of your firefly experience! I would love to see them. I hope you manage to capture a pic, though I suspect it will be a challenge :)