Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Today (exactly 16 weeks to the day since start date) we got the keys to our brand new house nestled in the glorious Samford Valley!

We had some celebratory Moet this afternoon. I guess Daniel and I aren't cut out for the finer things in life, because we imagined our celebration would be something like this:

But really the Moet made us do this:

Happy Tuesday everybody! 


  1. Congratulations! Love the Moet story - Veuve is a bit sweeter, if you're looking for a new celebratory drink!!!!

    So, what's on the agenda for the rest of the week? Moooooooving!!!!!!


    1. We've been going there every night with car loads of awkward stuff we want to get out of the way. I've been very tired and a bit of a zombie the last couple days. And I still have stuff to organise, and responsibilities, and lots to do at work. It's weird being in the house when we visit - knowing that's it is now our house, but with no bed or internet it is hardly a home.
      Lauren didn't mention that the temporary water tanks are still on site, one right in front of the garage. I told the guy last week we were done with them, but yeah...
      The SS is also sending back a plumber because one of our storm water drain things in the ground was never installed. None of them were installed at PCI time.
      There are also some holes cut out of the plaster in the bedroom for a wall socket that didn't get installed because the electrician didn't have the right tools, and a Cable wallplate cover is missing (I saw the HEQ contractor fiddling with it one day - he was confused as to what it was, and the next time I went it was missing), but since that was done after PCI and after the 2nd painting where the painter complained to me that he'd been called back - I just told the SS I'd get someone else in to do it properly.
      None of that stuff really bothers me too much, but maybe I'm just over stimulated. I used up way more energy in those last couple weeks than I bargained for. The serious potential problems we were worried about going into this - like being broke and hungry and not being able to pay rent - didn't happen. We're even looking at furniture and art now. So all in all it's a pretty positive time despite feeling exhausted and brain dead. Today I found myself getting on a lift that is known to have problems, and hoping it would stuff up and I'd get trapped in there all day. That would be really refreshing change. I have a lot to say regarding this house, but maybe I just need a day trapped in a lift to get some perspective.

    2. Lol, Daniel you need a holiday and a big ol' drink! Me too!

  2. Congrats Lauren, that is fabulous!!!! So exciting!! Hope the move goes as smoothly as possible :-)

  3. Thanks guys! We are both a little worse for wear this week, exhausted and brain dead as Daniel described it is even a bit of an understatement haha. It's exciting to get the keys, but I also just can't wait for the hard work to be over, even for a little bit (I'm sure the hard work will never really be over).

    We are officially moving in on Monday. In the meantime we will get the driveway smoothed out so we can park without falling in holes or a ditch. Next week we will get it covered in road base which will hopefully involve being able to actually drive in, then soon we will get Daniel's brother to do some concreting for us.

    We've got a new couch coming next week, phone will hopefully get switched on Monday too. Exciting and busy times ahead that's for sure!

  4. Congratulations at reaching handover! Lol about the Moet, my face always looks like that too when I drink champagne. Can't wait to see some moved in pics and how you are finding everything.

    Tash xx