Sunday, October 7, 2012

The deets

Handover was on Tuesday, we didn't really go through any of the details on here. It was such a huge build up to Tuesday for us, especially with the long weekend. On Tuesday morning Daniel got a call from our SS saying that they hadn't received the money from our bank. I don't know exactly why they thought that, considering it had been paid by our bank on the previous Thursday, but 20 minutes later the SS called back to say it was all fine.

Daniel met with our SS at the house at 3pm. It was apparently fairly straight forward, the SS changed the locks, installed the new microwave and went through all of the manuals.

We've had a lot to organise throughout the week. Surprise, surprise, the temporary water tank guy saved the best for last. We asked him to come and get the tanks on the Friday before handover and he said he would get them the next day, Tuesday came and they were still sitting there! Wednesday...still there. It was starting to get a bit stressful as we were wanting to organise some truckloads of dirt so that we could get the driveway sorted out more. I called him Wednesday night and explained to him that we were starting to worry as they were going to be in the way to do any excavation of the area. He finally removed them Thursday afternoon and we then had loads of dirt and road base delivered on Friday.

We went out for a visit a few times yesterday, and the dirt has been spread nicely, the road base looks great. The road base is still quite loose though, a little bit of rain would be a very good thing right now!

We also had Daniel's brother come over in the afternoon for a look, and he also gave us a quote to concrete our driveway, porch and patio. So hopefully that will happen soonish.

One of our cars which we've been taking loads of stuff in,
it fits in a surprisingly large amount of stuff!

New road base for the driveway

It's set to be fairly busy over the next week. We have Mini Movers coming at 7am on Monday morning. Before then we still need to do a bit more packing and we have some furniture to pull apart. I'm also trying to get all of our washing done so that it won't be something to stress about.

We then have the plumber coming at 12 on Monday. We also have an antenna company coming around the same time. That night we have a Telstra technician coming and hopefully the phone will be swtiched on. We then have the next few days to get the rental cleaned up and presentable by midnight Thursday night. The part I'm most excited about is our couch being delivered on Thursday. Friday afternoon we are booked in for a massage at a local retreat to try and fix our broken muscles from moving.


  1. How amazing! Your house looks like a jewell in the landscape (so jealous that your pics don't include other houses on top of you!). The driveway will be a great thing to have done. Especially cos then you can start landscaping which will really anchor your house to its surrounds :)

    I'm so excited for you! Keep us updated, though you will be super a good stress kinda way ;)

    And, great move on the massages. I dare say you will need them!


    1. I think I'm ready for that massage already, and the movers did most of the work anyway!